Welcome to the virtual museum of our town

Children often know very little about their own cities and often use ICT only for fun. We want to change it.

We will improve knowledge about local history, places, personalities and traditions. We will have other perspective of the city and we will be able to share it in different ways with partners.

Activities will consist of doing research using independent investigation method, attending workshops, preparing presentations, making and exchanging postcards, designing and managing a blog, informing local communities about the project results, making maps of own cities, taking and editing photos/videos, organizing exhibitions, organizing and participating in project meetings as European citizens, communicating in mother tongue and English.

We will show pupils new ways of spending leisure time. Tasks will be integrated into school curriculum, but also will be accomplished outside the school.

The ultimate product of our Comenius project is blog – Comenius museum of each town.

Explore the Europe cities with us!


We are disseminating our collected experience cross our countries borders, the information and knowledge about Europe history and culture. During the whole project, all results and products were published in schools websites, facebook periodically and the news about the project meetings published in the local press.


We disseminate our project - Italy visit